BabyDeer's Story

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🙈BabyDeer's Story!

🤰Welcome our son!!

His name is BabyDeer - The ToxicDeer's son!

🍼BabyDeer was raised by parents who are genuinely fantastic people and who established a long-standing family tradition. The parents of BabyDeer - ToxicDeer, have experienced all the lovely and terrible things that life brings. They have also been attacked and are currently recovering.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦At this time, ToxicDeer is mature enough to have two children, first is the mischievous DinoPool. And now there's the little BabyDeer who promises to grow up as Toxic as their parents because they're purebred.

🦖In the ToxicDeer family, we have come to know DinoPool as an adopted, independent, and carrying a different species (Dinosaur). DinoPool can live independently by learning how his parents work (Tombfork). They return the favor with rewards and make $DEER and $XDSHARE parents more worth.

👶BabyDeer is a sweet little baby, unlike the DinoPool siblings. ToxicDeer is a newborn who should need parental protection. It is totally reliant on Deer's parents and requires milk ($DEER) from the mother to thrive.

❤️Thanks to their parents' innate brilliance and power, as well as the love of the community, they will definitely gradually grow up and will create a promising future.

💸They will be able to bring joy to everyone, with rewards, or they can be exchanged for the gift which everyone has been waiting for - NFTs.

🤑Hopefully this little baby will receive the love of all the ToxicDeer community so that they can grow up like crazy!

❣️We will continue to write the story of this adorable BabyDeer!

❣️To be continued…

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