📎Tokenomics and Distribution

DEER distribution

  • Initial supply: 2,000,000 DEER

  • 300,000 DEER will be used to Pegasus Lauchpad

  • 100,000 DEER used to form initial DEER LP.

  • 1.600.000 DEER send to Dao fund. The main function of the DAO fund is to keep the price stable from the beginning.

  • Lauchpad Start: 5th May, 6:00 am UTC

  • Lauchpad End: 5th May, 9:00 am UTC

XDSHARE (DEER Share) distribution

XDSHARE has a maximum total supply of 100,000 tokens

  • 20,000 XDSHARE will be allocated to DAO Fund

  • 17,500 XDSHARE will be allocated to Insurance Fund

  • 12,500 XDSHARE will be allocated for the development (marketing, audits, dev rewards, community engagements and other expenses)

  • The remaining 50,000 XDSHARE will be allocated to incentivize Liquidity Providers

All are farmed or vested linearly over 731 days (~2 years)

Reward rate for Share Bank pool (Deposit LPs in Banks to earn XDSHARE) 5th May, 10:00 am UTC:

[1] MMF-LP DEER/USDC (50x) — no lock

After 4 hours:

[2] MMF-LP XDSHARE/USDC (35x) — no lock

  • Rate : 69.34 XDSHARE per day

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