💡Toxic Vaults

Toxic Vaults?

Toxic Vaults is a feature that allows you to deposit money and watch it grow over time by accruing interest. When interest is generated on your deposit it increases and when interest is earned again it increases even more! This is called compounding because each subsequent interest is calculated on your current amount, including all past profits.

  1. Auto compound time The compound time will be calculated based on the following rule: If Pending reward is at >= $100, Vaults will compound every 1 hour. Furthermore, the Compound can be accessed at any time by selecting Compound on the vault interface.

  2. Fees Early withdraw fee: 0,5% Lockup: 1 hour Toxic Vaults charges a 5% fee on each auto compound:

    • 4% performance fee to buy back $DEER

    • 1% gas fee for each compound (compound every 1 hour)

    • No deposit and withdrawal fee

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