🌠Toxic Dice

1. Choose a number of your own and wait for the number of the system to appear to see if the number you have chosen is smaller or larger than that number.

2. Deposit amount is limited so please take enter a valid DEER amount for your ROLL

3. Then ROLL it again and wait for the result.

4. If the result of the system shows the number 77 and your spin reaches a minimum of 10 DEER, you will win the Jackpot whether you win or lose (If you win, you will still receive money and vice versa) . Jackpot will receive 1% of every transaction made and 10% Jackpot will BURN immediately when someone wins Jackpot.

5. Since the result is available, in about 60 seconds you will get the reward immediately

6. Share your referral link and get 0.2% commission when new user approve and place new bet on ToxicDice

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