ToxicDeer's NFTs

This is ToxicDeer's collection of NFTs with a cool #Deer theme. Collected NFTs to use with various purposes in the future.

🎉🎉Introducing ToxicNFT's case Market Place🎉🎉

This is ToxicDeer's collection of NFTs with a cool #Deer theme.
Collected NFTs to use for various purposes in the future.

🧩Some examples of NFTs use cases

NFTs used to receive Bonus rewards in Vaults
NFTs used to participate in Launchpad and so on

🧩Types of NFTs

There are three types of NFTs distinguished by their rarity. The rarer the NFTs, the more valuable they are, and the higher the rewards:
🟠Legend (Orange Wall)
🟣Rare (Purple Wall)
🟢Common (Green Wall)

🧩Market Place Info

The first market for selling ToxicNFT's case will start at: 08:00 UTC 28th June 2022
Marketplace opening time: within 24 hours
Number of NFTs open for sale: 1000 NFTs for the first market

How to collect NFTs?

NFTs will not be sold as original NFT, but as secret cases. The price of each case is calculated in $BabyBDEER (Specific selling price will be announced when NFTs officially open for sale).

🐾Step-by-step guide

Step 1: On the NFTs Market's NFTs counter, you choose 1 of the 3 cases that appear on the counter, then buy the case with $BabyDEER.
Step 2: The player will open the purchased case.
Step 3:
Opened cases will show any NFT.
If you do not receive NFT, you will receive a BabyDeer Lucky Ticket, this ticket will be accumulated to use for the feature that will be released later.

✍️Extra Note:

The chance of winning an NFT when opening a case decreases every time a new NFT appears. That is, the earlier you buy, the higher your chances of hitting NFT when opening your case.

NFT Market

In the NFT Market, users can buy and sell NFTs with each other using $DEER.
Fees will apply to sellers, with a fee of 2% per transaction. And this 2% will be transferred directly to ToxicDeer's Dao fund