💎Toxic Lottery

Each round lasts for 4 hours

To participate in 1 round of Lottery, you will need to buy a ticket with a set of 3 numbers each time.

Ticket price: 3 DEER per 1 ticket For each ticket, choose a number from 01 to 99. Choose a combination of 3 numbers/tickets and submit your entry. The system will disallow you to pick 2 of the same numbers.

At the end of each round, our Website will announce the Winning Numbers. You will win the Lottery if the number you choose matches the Winning Numbers published on the "Lottery Page":

If you got 1 number match: Reward = x3 the ticket value If you got 2 numbers match: Reward = x200 the ticket value If you got 3 numbers match: Jackpot - Win half the value of Pot size

If there is more than one winner of the jackpot, half the pot prize will be divided equally among all winners. The other half of the pot will be carried over to the next round. If there is no winner, the jackpot will be carried over to the next round, which will begin instantly.

After the end of each round, if you've won, a claim button will appear. You can claim the prize anytime.

🔥 10% prize fee will be burnt instantly.

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